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The Sale / El Preludio de la Venta 

is a multimedia installation that unveils an intimate view of my past and the socio-political present of my unsettling homeland, Venezuela.

The piece's subject is "Ipasolaz", my childhood home.

  A residential building constructed in the 60's by the board of education, Ipasolaz is also an architectural survival jewel from the country's strongest earthquake of 1967. Located in the golden mile of Caracas' business center, the neighborhood has become one of the opposition’s strongholds and a target of the government military and paramilitary forces.

Ipasolaz is portrayed in the installation by contour lines that are digitally processed and printed on vinyl, to be later mounted on the gallery's wall. Its facade serves as a frame for the abstracted images that are painted on shaped wooden boxes. These images are based on memories, family photographs, various other photographs and social media. Finally, there is a sound element that fades in and away like a gentle breeze (collected and edited sounds from the internet about current events.)

This installation evolves from my latest work in the city of Newark, a series of portraits of the city’s raise and decline.

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